Wallstreetbets gains and losses

4582 trades with 2585 gains and 1997 losses.

Welcome! Please note that as of June 9, 2021 no new data will appear on the site. However, 16 months' historical data (February 2020 to June 2021) is still here for you to explore!

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Line chart all cumulative counts of gain and loss by date

Line chart all cumulative amount USD of gain and loss by date

Top 10 Tickers - All Time

By sum and (count)

  • GME $113,478,132 (496)
  • TSLA $49,153,848 (130)
  • AMC $10,331,473 (147)
  • BB $7,844,663 (113)
  • CLOV $7,227,727 (40)
  • NIO $5,734,125 (85)
  • PLTR $5,287,247 (90)
  • TLRY $5,250,256 (16)
  • AMD $3,825,783 (7)
  • PRPL $3,441,313 (3)
  • GME $56,282,510 (457)
  • BB $2,813,498 (80)
  • PLTR $2,298,087 (115)
  • TSLA $2,085,621 (64)
  • AMC $1,214,762 (51)
  • DIS $1,173,339 (2)
  • RKT $858,702 (18)
  • SPCE $646,796 (5)
  • FSLY $593,071 (3)
  • SPY $542,086 (22)

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Analysis and Insights

The table below provides summary statistics of the gains and losses reported to-date. The average and median amounts are actually quite large, perhaps because smaller gains or losses are not as likely to be reported.

Gain Loss
Count 2585 1997
Sum $389,329,571 $117,347,985
Avg $150,611 $58,762
Median $24,138 $12,120
Min $138 $100
Max $8,000,000 $14,776,725

The first four charts below show counts and amounts of gains and losses by date. The first two show daily counts and amounts and the last two show cumulative counts and amounts.

The increase in frequency of reported gains and losses starting in March 2020 coincides with the surge of the Robinhood retail trader phenomena.

The most notable observation is that while gain and loss counts are roughly equal and keping pace with each other, the amount of gains is much greater than losses. Perhaps people are less likely to report losses, especially larger losses.

Click on charts to enlarge.

Bar charts daily count of gain and loss

Bar charts daily amount USD of gain and loss

Bar charts cumulative count of gain and loss by date

Bar charts cumulative amount USD of gain and loss by date

The next two charts show gains and losses by amount ranges to help identify gain and loss distribution by count and amount. Both gains and losses are mostly below 100k. Sub-100k gains and losses are mostly below 30k with majority in 0-10k range. Gains exceed losses in every amount ranges with exception of the smallest ranges.

Scatter chart of all trades

Scatter chart of all trades

The final two scatter charts below allow relative comparison of individual gains and losses to others by date and amount.

The first chart shows only gains and losses greater than 100k. This view highlights the handful of large outliers. These are some seriously big amounts considering these are retail investors. Cheers to big gains and condolences to big losses!

The second chart shows shows gains below 100k and highlights how most of the gains and losses are below 50k.

Scatter chart of sub 100k trades

Scatter chart of sub 100k trades