TendiesTown started as a personal project to quantify retail trade gains and losses posted in the r/wallstreetbets subreddit. I was interested to see count and amount of gains and losses by ticker, by date, by type of trade, etc.

However, the r/wallstreetbets posts were not always consistent or rigorous enough to do serious or definitive analysis. This lead to the idea of creating more structured and purpose driven way for traders to report gains and losses, and from that idea TendiesTown was created as a platform for retail trader gain and loss reporting.

TendiesTown will continue importing new gain and loss posts from the r/wallstreetbets subreddit however retail traders are also invited to create an account and report their gains and losses here on TendiesTown too.


Data Source

TendiesTown data primarily comes from the r/wallstreetbets subreddit posts created by retail traders that are tagged with either 'Gain' or 'Loss' flair.

Most of the gains and losses reported in r/wallstreetbets are from options trading, with a few stock and ETF equity trades or futures trades.

The r/wallstreetbets posts generally contain similar information:

  • 1) Post title describing the gain or loss.
  • 2) Post body and / or subsequent comments describing the gain or loss.
  • 3) Screenshot image of trading app used as proof of gain or loss.

Trade/portfolio: Gains and losses reported are a mix of single trade results or portfolio changes over time. This "trade/portfolio" distinction is not currently reflected in data presented on TendiesTown, but it is being recorded and the TendiesTown roadmap includes presenting it in future analysis.

Trade realization: In addition, some gains and losses are not always realized at the time they were reported. The data import process includes a step to identify future posts by same author, with updated trade outcomes, which are used to update the TendiesTown data.

Trade date: The gain or loss date used for the r/wallstreetbets subreddit sourced trades is the post date. TendiesTown user submissions will be entered by user and should reflect the gain or loss date.

Additional trade details: The r/wallstreetbets subreddit posts often include additional trade details such as option details (put/call, buy/sell, spread, etc), ticker, strike price, duration of trade, etc. While some of this information is recorded, it is not currently used in analysis. However, it would be very interesting to show gains and losses by ticker therefore this is also on the TendiesTown roadmap. Stay tuned.

Self-reporting bias: Finally, it must also be acknowledged that self-reported trade outcomes are based on the honor system and cannot be considered rigorous enough to do serious or definitive analysis. That said, it does provide some very interesting insights into retail equity option trading outcomes, especially as the dataset grows over time.

"Tendies" are delicious chicken tenders but in TendiesTown they are equally delicious trade gains, and what are gains without losses, so TendiesTown has those too!