Trade Details

Loss $92,300

Title: Still Holding: Six Figures Loss on $NNOX

Ticker: NNOX

Encase you are wondering how these impressive results happened: 1) Lots of volatility on the the short sellers reports, when I got through the volatility, I kept trying to swing. My biggest success was I believe $20k to $159k. I think I actually added $20k again to the account AFTER it hit $159k but not entirely sure. Either way I am estimating the loss to be around $149k to $169k of unrealized gains, and a monetary/personal loss of over $30k. 2) Short sellers attack this stock alot. On FDA, it went up 70% premarket (but I have options), when I saw it was going down towards the day I was traveling and it kept going down. I was thinking a possible short squeeze would happen on FDA. Short sell volume and negative sentiment though was massive.

The results: Trust me my personal life is falling apart and things aren't looking good.

Anyways, positive it may have another spike up prior to call expiration, but would be nice if short sellers get a decent surprise prior to April 16 puts expiry. That said, I have IBS right now and a girl who is furious at me. Invest at your own risk.