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Loss $572,000

Title: FSLY dropping Fastly in 1 day, portfolio update

Ticker: FSLY

Alright you retards asked for it, here's some loss porn for you to jerk yourselves to sleep.

Before Oct 15, my total portfolio was around $3.4 mil, after the overnight ass raping, my portfolio dropped to around $2.8 mil. If you look at the graph, basically I gave back all the gain from the last 2 weeks, so about 600k.

Accounts 1+2, before and after FSLY took a huge shit

I haven't sold any shares at all, in fact I bought some FD and some LEAPS on FSLY. Will I sell? Hell no, going to hold them till they hit 200. Holding 21000 FSLY shares and 1400 TSLA shares.

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