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Title: On January 25th I went to rehab, holding GameStop. That same day it exploded to >$100. Have now been sober for over two months and this sub has changed my life in the process

Ticker: GME

As I mentioned over two months ago, I was going to rehab holding GME, and I checked in on Jan 25th. During the first couple of days, I was seeing you all on TV and it really made my days. I was so proud of this sub. Before leaving, I had set my limit orders and then didn't have any computer access until January 29th.

In the meantime, most of my limit orders hit. When I finally got computer access on the 29th for five mins, I sold the rest of my holding.

I've now been completely sober for over two months for the first time since my early teens. For a while I had wanted to do something special for my parents as they're getting older. With this GME money I was able to buy them a car, straight cash.

<strong>Now that I'm back, only one question remains. What is the next YOLO?!</strong>

^(Note: Due to my withdrawal for the car, the % gain is off)