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Gain $1,072,396

Title: FSLY is printing me money, fastly! $2.5 Mil total.

Ticker: Not identified.

Update on my portfolio, been holding it since my last troll post on r/stocks, didn't sell but actually bought more FSLY since last time. Last night's mooning was unexpected as there were no news that I could find.

My total FSLY holdings, between the 2 accounts are sitting at $2.5 Mil, and the total amount after last night swelled to almost $3.4 Mil. Fuck diversifying, YOLO into a WSB meme stock is the only way.

Account 1+2 $1.3 Mil and $1.2 Mil in FSLY, $600K in TSLA, and the rest in other random stocks.

Position: about 21000 FSLY shares, and 1400 TSLA shares.


Step 1. Buy tech.

Step 2. Hold tech

Step 3. Buy more tech

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