Trade Details

Gain $627,000

Title: Unzip Your Pants, Enjoy The Loss Porn

Ticker: GME

3\/26 Losses

3\/22-3\/26 Losses

Intraday Peak Roughly $2.07 mil

Positions that messed me up:

Explanation: Thought GME was gonna go up after the fat dip. I was wrong. Thought GME was gonna be volatile into Friday. I was wrong. This was on a week that I barely had time to look at the market. Risk tolerance went out the window in hopes of even more sizable gains. Learned my lesson. No more weeklies. Fuckkkkkkk. That money would have really helped my family and I just threw it out the window. Now I'm stuck listening to "The Tendieman" and "Buyin' the Dip" on repeat and using RH until I'm able to transfer to another broker.

Tl;dr: "Buy the fucking dip." -Warren Buffet

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