Trade Details

Loss $29,962

Title: 30k donation to Papa Bezos

Ticker: AMZN

I opened up Amazon 3250/3245 Put credit spreads expiring 5/21/2021 with my life's worth on the line.


After having lost and made 30k, twice, on berkshire class b yolo calls, I decided I would stop being a degenerate option buyer and switch over to "being the casino", as it were.

Well, one of the habits I should have abandoned during that transition was diamond-handing my losses/gains.

Thought I'd cheer myself up with a vid of my performance.

I'm going back to my roots, yoloing calls, ironically, I was making more money doing that than masquerading as a theta-gang wizard. By the way, the software engineers that design the algos that filter/auto delete posts are morons.